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About Manny Zaldivar

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My passion for storytelling has taken me down many paths.


If it has anything to do with artistry, I've probably tried my hand at it at some point. Being naturally drawn to storytelling itself, regardless of any medium, has given me perspective when it comes to the work I do. 

In acting, I use my technical and literary knowledge to aid performance. 

In writing, I use my acting training to write more compelling characters. 

In film production, I use my theatrical management skills to create a well-oiled machine. 

To me, everything is interconnected. The way that different forms of art can come together to create one cohesive, synchronized story is deeply fascinating to me. 


So what's on the menu for Manny? Well, right now I have two main visions for my future in storytelling and entertainment. I can only reveal one of them and that is Ravengard. My own fictional planet where you'll get to explore the lives and culture of its people through podcasts, music, art, writing, and possibly film, as they try to uncover the secrets of the universe and the truth as to why some humans left Earth while others stayed. 


While I do have some highly ambitious visions for the future of entertainment and storytelling, I also understand that there's no way to know now where this path will end up taking me to. The destination is irrelevant. I'm more interested in the journey.


I was born in Cuba in 1995. 

By 2001 my family had immigrated to South Florida and we began to build new lives. 

I grew up in Coral Springs and attended Florida Atlantic University after high school. 

During my time in college I focused on theatrical performance. I've trained in Chekov, Misner, Stanislavsky, and Shakespeare for acting; Fitzmaurice for voicework; and Alexander, Viewpoints, and Laban for movement. Movement work paved the way for me to get involved in stage combat as a performer and as a fight director. 


My university opened its doors to Theatre Lab, a professional theater company that was established on campus. I had the privilege to work with Theatre Lab, which focused on producing new American plays while also giving back to the community by inviting Broadway talent, award winning playwrights, and producing some of the most iconic original works in South Florida over the last few years. Having this resource while getting my B.F.A in Theatre gave me first hand experience in the professional world. 

During college, I also dove into the design, directing, and technical side of theater. Shortly after gaining those skills I began to work professionally in both technical theatre and performance as I finished my degree. 

By the middle of 2018 I moved and settled in Los Angeles, CA. Since then I have begun working in Film and TV while self-producing my own independent work on the side. Getting direct and practical experience by jumping directly into the deep end has given me a well rounded understanding of storytelling for the screen. A journey that started as just purely acting turned into a dance between cinematography, screenwriting, audio mixing, editing, and performance. I've completed two original projects and have two more on the way. After 4 years of living in Los Angeles, I am now taking my new-found knowledge to South Florida in order to hone in on my voice and vision. On the other side awaits a storytelling powerhouse unlike no other and the journey has only just begun. 

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